The Naught Sanjo Spritz

This Sangiovese Gin Spritz cocktail is a rejuvenating and effervescent libation that epitomises a leisurely afternoon in a glass.

Crafted by marrying the botanical charm of gin with the crispness of sparkling water, it offers a light and invigorating sip. A delicate infusion of citrus, often through the addition of lemon or orange slices. This fresh alcohol concoction is further elevated by the inclusion of a bitter aperitif like Aperol or Campari, which imparts a subtle hint of sophistication and a captivating hue.

Whether enjoyed on a sunny terrace or at a social gathering, this Sangiovese Gin Spritz cocktail embodies the art of relaxation and encapsulates the essence of casual elegance.


  • 25ml Naught Sangiovese Gin
  • 20ml Lemon Juice
  • 15ml Sugar Syrup
  • Top blanc de blanc or any white bubbles
  • Garnish with orange twist

Make it like this:

Pour gin, juice and syrup into the shaker with ice and shake vigorously for approximately 8-10 seconds.

Double strain into a pre-chilled champagne glass, top with sparkling wine and garnish with an orange twist.