Naught Barrel-Aged Sangiovese Gin: A Journey Through Time & Taste

In the realm of spirits, few elixirs captivate the tastebuds and imagination quite like gin.

But what elevates a distinguished Australian dry gin from ‘good’ into the realm of the extraordinary?

The answer lies in a harmonious meeting of innovation and tradition, something we’ve done everything in our power to bring together seamlessly in Naught’s most recent release  – The Barrel Aged Sangiovese Gin.

This unique Australian botanical gin not only captures the essence of award-winning craftsmanship but also introduces a thrilling symphony of flavours, making it a must-try for connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

The Birth of Barrel Aged Sangiovese

The journey to creating the Barrel Aged Sangiovese Gin started with a vision.

With our award-winning 2023 Sangiovese Gin and the impact of our Barrel Aged Shiraz Gin, we knew that a marriage of the two concepts was sure to create a gin that surpasses the ordinary.

Taking the base profile of our also award-winning Australian Dry Gin, the fruity, jammy punch achieved with the addition of Yarra Valley Sangiovese grapes from local wineries, and then allowing the alchemy of time to work its magic in Sangiovese wine barrels, we certainly achieved just that.

The Barrel Aged Sangiovese Gin stands as a testament to the artistry of the distiller’s craft, inviting aficionados to explore a landscape of flavours never before seen.

Every step of the process has been a deliberate stride towards excellence, one inviting you to experience that first sip. And then another.

On the Alchemy of Aging

Barrel aging is a seemingly mystical process that transforms the already exceptional into the truly sublime.

Resting our vibrant, crimson-red elixir in Sangiovese barrels which previously housed some of the Yarra Valley’s most world-renowned wines, imparts an indelible mark on its character.

Over nine months, the gin slowly infuses the essence of the barrel, the wood’s char lending softness to its bite, and the wine’s residual sweetness bestowing depth to its flavour profile.

The process is not merely aging but a rebirth, offering a gin that entwines the spirit of Australian botanicals, Yarra Valley’s robust wine culture, and of course the heritage of Italian viticulture.

The Experience of a Perfect Sip

From the very first pour, the Barrel Aged Sangiovese Gin mesmerises with its deep crimson hue, a visual testament to its unique character and lineage.

The nose is a delightful bouquet of ripe cherries, red currants, and bright strawberries, inviting you to dive deeper.

On the palate, the gin unfolds in layers—soft, velvety fruits at first, followed by gentle, balanced tartness and a hint of delicate spice.

The finish is where the barrel-aging truly shines through; a warm, smooth embrace that lingers long after the first sip is finished.

The symphony of flavours perfectly harmonise to create something truly unforgettable, leaving you longing for that next sip.

The Art of Enjoyment

The true beauty of this gin lies in its versatility.

Whether enjoyed neat, allowing the intricate flavours to shine in their unadulterated form or as the foundation of a cocktail, the Barrel Aged Sangiovese Gin elevates the drinking experience.

Dial a Gin Fizz to the next level, reborn with the deep hues and rich flavours of this unique spirit, or a Tom Collins that carries the legacy of Sangiovese in every refreshing sip.

Here’s how to make your own Gin Fizz or Collins with your bottle of Barrel Aged Sangiovese Gin:

Barrel Aged Sangiovese Gin Fizz

  • 60ml Naught Barrel-Aged Sangiovese Gin
  • 30ml Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 15ml Sugar or agave Syrup
  • 1 Egg White (for a velvety texture, omit to make Collins instead)
  • Sparkling Water to top
  • A Slice of Orange and a Cherry for garnish


  • Combine: Add the gin, lemon juice, egg white (if using) and sugar syrup.
  • Dry Shake: If you’ve added egg white, shake hard without ice first.
  • Shake: Add ice. Shake well until outside of shaker feels cold.
  • Strain: Strain into a collins glass and top with ice.

Top & Garnish: Top with sparkling water for a refreshing fizz. Garnish with a chuck of orange to mirror the gin’s rich, fruity profile.

Capture One of 200 Exclusive Bottles

In the world of spirits, exclusivity often marks a product as something truly special.

The Barrel Aged Sangiovese Gin is no exception, with only 200 bottles released.

This limited availability not only underscores the gin’s unique nature but also it appeals as a collector’s item or as a distinguished gift that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

For the most fanatical aficionados of Australian botanical gins, this release represents an opportunity to experience a one-of-a-kind spirit.

Enjoyed however you like, this barrel aged beauty is meant to be savored—getting lost down a rabbit hole of flavour that needs to be experienced to be believed.

A Toast To Excellence

The Barrel Aged Sangiovese Gin represents more than just a swig of the exquisite; it stands as a testament to the innovative spirit and dedication to craftsmanship that defines Australian gin making.

Each bottle weaves a complex tapestry of flavours, embodying the essence of our award-winning Australian Dry Gin, enriched with the fruity punch of Yarra Valley Sangiovese grapes and deepened and softened by the magic of barrel aging.

This exclusive spirit invites you to be part of a select group who not only appreciate the depth of sophistication of barrel aged gins but also cherish the stories and artistry poured into every glass.

It’s an invitation to explore the boundaries of gin, savor the blend of tradition and innovation, and to celebrate the finesse that our Barrel Aged Sangiovese Gin brings to any occasion.