The Naught Club Terms & Conditions

Love good gin? Join The Club.

We don’t get nautical at The Naught Club but we are serious about sharing fun-loving, gin moments.

As a member of The Naught Club, you’ll get access to Naught to make others envious.

It’s your door to an experience of Naught which is playful, wicked, elegant and distinct. You can find like-minded people or just be yourself.

We’re here to provide a good time, respectfully. So do check out The Naught Distilling Privacy Policy  and the Naught Distilling’s website Terms & Conditions, to understand our policies and procedures for managing personal information and how we manage or respond to online sales and engagement.

All you need to do is give us your personal info, and we’ll keep it safe. If you don’t believe us read the Privacy Policy again.

As a member of The Naught Club, we encourage you to:

  1. Take up all the gifts we give you
  2. Read all the emails we send you
  3. Drink all the gin we deliver to you
  4. Tell all the friends you trust

But we also need you to:

  1. Be over 18 years of age. Please provide your Date of Birth for evidence
  2. Keep your personal information up to date
  3. Not transfer your membership to someone else
  4. Pay any tax, liability or duty incurred by you based on your participation in The Naught Club
  5. Only have one account per person
  6. Agree to any changes we ask you to participate in
  7. Contact us if you’ve got any questions or suggestions for improvement by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website
  8. As much as we might find this hard to believe, if you’ve had enough Naught in your life you can unsubscribe anytime by clicking unsubscribe online, via text message prompt, by sending us a written note or an email. We’ll miss you and we hope you’ll be back at a better time

By signing up, you’ll automatically become a member of our loyalty program. The program allows you to earn rewards with every dollar you spend online or at our retail store.

  1. Points in our Naught Club are called Alfies. You will accrue Alfies with every $10 spend online or at our retail store. This does not include the Cocktail Bar.
  2. Rewards will be scaled with your level of loyalty and spend. You will receive this information via text message from our online retail and loyalty platform Square.
  3. If you were a member of Naught Club prior to 1 July 2021, we have manually enrolled you in the program and assigned Alfies to your account as per your spend at 1 July 2021.  If you join after this time, you will be prompted to opt in to the program at our online store or at the Naught distillery


Naught Distilling will show you how much we love you by:

  1. Letting you know about news, events, products or developments before the rest of the world
  2. Provide you with 1 Alfie Point for every $10 you spend online or at our retail store
  3. Surprise you with rewards you can enjoy at our Naught bar or at home
  4. Getting anything we’re obliged to get to you as soon as we can
  5. Refusing your membership if you’re not yet 18 years of age, because we care
  6. Only giving you one membership per person because you are an individual and we appreciate you for you
  7. Read any terms and conditions of our membership system, Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions change at any time. The most current version will be available on our website
  8. Not communicating with you too much, but we will from time to time via email, social media and other channels to ensure you never miss out
  9. Occasionally providing you with an option to join one of our partners (Third Party) for attractive benefits

We’ll give you a Naught Code from time to time for you to buy Naught products or services online. We’ll tell you if there are any conditions of use with each Naught Code we provide to you.

To access your account and find out if your details are up to date, you can:

  1. See your details and your points at the checkout of Naught’s online store
  2. Provide your phone number to a member of the Naught team where they can show you your account at Naught’s bar & distillery
  3. Call our Naught team to provide you with your latest points tally and update your details if required

There is no time limit or qualification as a member of The Naught Club. You will continue to earn points and have access to rewards for as long as you choose to buy direct from our distillery online or at our venue’s retail outlet.

In future, we will invite our most loyal customers to become a part of The Cipher Club. More details will be available about what this means in the near future.