The Gin Queen’s Top 10 for 2020


Top 10 Gins for 2020

We officially launched Naught Gin on 1 October 2020, so it was a great surprise to achieve recognition from one of Australia’s leading gin commentators, The Gin Queen, on 30 December 2020.

The Gin Queen’s Top 10 Australian Gin List is one all Aussie gin lovers seek out each year.

It was both a thrill and reassuring to find Naught had made the list in 2020 within three months of our official launch.

Caroline Childerley, has been actively reviewing and advocating for gin in the Australian drinks scene as The Gin Queen, since 2013.

As much as we would have liked to be included in the list for 2020, it was far from expected.

You can read the full review here, and a short preview below:

“It’s stunning in its simplicity. Juniper, citrus, toasted wattleseed and star anise are combined to make this elegant Australian Dry gin. Flavours of orange citrus are balanced with the sweetness and warmth of star anise, while toasted wattleseed brings depth and a pleasing mouthfeel.

“Naught is my new go-to Negroni gin.”

The number of Australian gin distillers and products on the market is continuing to grow so we dearly appreciate the support, encouragement and wonderful review Naught’s Australian Dry Gin, in our first year of operating by the esteemed Gin Queen.